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Chocolate Celebration: Godiva Gift Box

Great Arrivals

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Product Overview

This elegant gift assortment is a sure way to any chocolate lover's heart. Godiva double chocolate domes, chocolate truffle coffee, dark chocolate covered pretzels, milk chocolate covered raisins, lava cake truffles, white chocolate truffles, dark chocolate ganache heart bar, milk chocolate caramel bar, milk chocolate caramel lion tablet, milk chocolate covered mini pretzels and milk chocolate almond money mini bars will entice and delight everyone lucky enough to share in the moment.


  • Godiva:
    • Double Chocolate Domes (1.1oz)
    • Chocolate Truffle Coffee (2oz)
    • Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels (2pc)
    • Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins (1.2oz)
    • Lava Cake Truffles (3pc)
    • White Chocolate Truffles (2pc)
    • Masterpiece Dark Chocolate Ganache Heart Bar (1oz)
    • Masterpiece Milk Chocolate Caramel Lion Bar (1.1oz)
    • Masterpieces Tablet Milk Chocolate Caramel Lion (3oz)
    • Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels Mini (2.5oz)
    • Milk Chocolate Almond and Honey Mini Bars (3.1oz)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review